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Foundation Program Associate
1900 Colonel Sanders Lane
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The Foundation Program Associate will work with the Foundation team to execute and ensure seamless, day-to-day implementation of the Foundation's programs. This position requires a collaborative individual with exceptional attention to detail, strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and one who is passionate about affecting positive change, and taking on challenging opportunities in a fun and fast paced environment.


Assist with Program Management

* Confirm eligibility for all applicants in each of the Foundation's programs
* Send appropriate email correspondence to each applicant regarding their program application/status
* Assist with reviewing initial applications for the Foundation's Family Fund Program

Update Foundation Database

* Assist with daily program and financial updates to database and running monthly/quarterly reports
* Reconcile monthly program billing and upload into database
* Work with Program Analyst to create reports demonstrating value of Foundation programs
* Collaborate with Communications Coordinator to share key program milestones and notable stories
* Provide monthly reports to Foundation staff regarding program engagement

Maintain Franchisee and Restaurant Records

* Update Restaurant list as needed and provide new list to Program Partners weekly
* Maintain franchisee records including key contacts withing each organization

Coordinate recognition awards

* Coordinate recognition for program participants for reaching program milestones
* Maintain history of Foundation Award recognition

Administrative support for KFC Foundation

* Manage the Foundation's daily email correspondence, phone calls and mail


* KFC Foundation Team, Board of Directors, Franchisees, KFCC and Field HR


* Education/Certifications – High School/Bachelor's Degree
* 2-4 years prior experience with project management, database administration and/or customer support
* Excellent time management and organization abilities
* Excellent interpersonal skills
* Strong written and verbal communication skills.
* Strong technical and analytical skills, with excellent attention to detail
* Strong presentation skills
* Team player with a can-do attitude who can accomplish tasks with minimal supervision
* Proficiency with software platforms such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office
* Possess a high degree of integrity when dealing with confidential and sensitive information
* Able to work with individuals at all levels of the organization
* Self-starter and able to adapt to fast paced work environment

Additional Info:

KFC restaurants across the US are commonly operated by independent business owners called Franchisees. They have a contract with KFC allowing them to sell our products and have all operating responsibility for their restaurant, including being your employer. As a result, independently-owned franchised or licensed locations may have different requirements.

Please keep in mind, this is just basic information and you’ll find out more after you apply. At KFC, what you do matters! So if you want to be part of a winning team, find out now why Life Tastes Better with KFC. Apply today!

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