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Associate Manager, Poultry Commercialization

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Associate Manager, Poultry Commercialization
1900 Colonel Sanders Lane
Louisville, KY


Purpose of the Job:

This position manages and coordinates new product development, commercialization, core product improvement, and restaurant margin improvement projects for KFC's poultry items. Works on cross-functional teams with Product Development, Quality Assurance, RSCS, and poultry/ingredient suppliers to support the marketing calendar and ensure supply of high-quality poultry products.

Job Responsibilities:

* Executes innovation and commercialization efforts for new poultry products and/or improvement of core items in close partnership with Product Development and Quality Assurance teams. 20%
* Develops statistically –sound, process-capable specifications for new and core products with the goal of creating safe, consistent, great tasting products. 20%.
* Develops operational procedures and specifications for new products which yield a safe and consistent quality product. Researches and establishes equipment set points, cook and hold times. Evaluates and validates consumer acceptance of products throughout the cooking and hold times, across all approved holding equipment 20%
* Participates in team meetings to produce project updates and discusses deliverables, barriers, and solutions. Acts as liaison between team(s) and Senior Manager. 10%
* Coaches and supports two technologists against project objectives. 20%
* Coordinates and manages plant start-ups for production of new products in support of market tests and national promotions and modifications to core items. 10%
* Travel required up to 25% on average.

Supervision of Personnel:

* Exempt - 2
* Non-Exempt - 0

Knowledge and Skill Required:

* Education/Certifications – Bachelor of Science in Food Science, Poultry or Meat Science. M.S. preferred
* Experience
* Years of Experience – 5-9 years of R&D/commercialization experience in the poultry/meat industry
* Considerable knowledge related to marinade and breading formulation, vacuum tumble & injection technology, commercial breading applications, and portioning equipment and strategies is necessary.
* Experience in bench-top development/formulation and commercialization of poultry products.
* Must have statistical know-how necessary to analyze and interpret large data sets and make scientifically grounded decisions
* Basic understanding of USDA labeling requirements and GS1 bar coding.
* Must be comfortable in a processing plant environment and able to communicate effectively with plant personnel.
* Fluent in in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
* Some people management experiences are a plus.
* Strong interpersonal skills and strong personal initiative.
* Must have strong collaborative nature.
* Must be able to present material in composed and confident manner.
* Accountable to build poultry know-how of peers and leadership.
* Must be able to apply data-driven hard facts with business acumen and judgment.
* Ability and rapport to coach and direct technical and non-technical associates.
* Ability to plan and prioritize multiple projects while delivering breakthrough results.
* Must be able to quickly anticipate and identify potential challenges and proactively recommend course of action to resolve.
* Must be resourceful to find new resources of information and innovations.

Additional Info:

KFC restaurants across the US are commonly operated by independent business owners called Franchisees. They have a contract with KFC allowing them to sell our products and have all operating responsibility for their restaurant, including being your employer. As a result, independently-owned franchised or licensed locations may have different requirements.

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